About us


General Score is the Swiss Army Knife of music for images. In the same company, you’ll find composers, an executive production team and advice on financing.


The company is based on a cooperative model that favours musical collaboration, skill-sharing, joint strategic decisions and redistribution of profits.
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In a nutshell

Target audience

General Score provides services to those involved in the film industry, television, video games, theatre, events and entertainment. The group handles all formats and genres – short films, feature films, credits, jingles, trailers, fiction, documentaries, animated films, cartoons, TV series, web series, etc.

A craft or an industry

“The cinema is an industry”. General Score tries to combine its structural strength with the mobility and flexibility of its craftspeople and creators.

In the long term

General Score would love to take part in a renewal of film music by developing composer collaboration and creativity in a reassuring and comfortable environment.

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Let's keep in touch