Music for all media

General Score offers music dedicated to images in films, television, video games, theatre, events and entertainment. The group handles all formats and genres – feature films, short films, credits, jingles, trailers, fiction, documentaries, animated films, cartoons, TV series, web series, etc.

An innovative solution

General Score offers an all-in-one approach to help you carry through your project. We have assembled a group of creative composers, an experienced executive production team and solid funding solutions.

A team of composers

General Score is made up of musicians who have complementary personalities and creative powers. Seven composers have decided to pool their skills and diversity to offer you unparalleled service.

Each of them has his or her own background and style, but everyone takes part in the composition, orchestration, arrangements, writing, programming, conducting, recording and mixing: they can do everything… together.

Rationalised production

The production of music for images requires the coordination of complex and specialised expertise. Moreover, it involves very specific methods and processes. Those in charge of production have to rigorously manage these parameters to enable creative minds to express themselves comfortably. This is General Score’s second mainstay.


Your budget shouldn’t be an obstacle. To make your project a success, original, high quality music that fits in well with your creation is essential and this cannot be sacrificed for economic reasons. General Score can offer different solutions. Make your life easier by relying on General Score’s third mainstay.

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