The aim of General Score

For a piece of applied music to be a success, it is essential to establish a good relation between the project manager and the composer. General Score gives top priority to this relationship and frequently organises round tables for a director and some composers.

Depending on the extent of the work, the duo may be assisted by a team that is perfectly aligned with the artistic direction of the project. Arrangers, orchestrators and programmers facilitate the creativity of composers who can then sign or co-sign all or part of the music in a project.

Concerning the type of music, General Score has a team of composers who are experienced in a wide variety of styles. We give you the chance to listen and make up your own mind. Trust us – we have everything you need in the store.

For example, television series offer great opportunities for creativity and when large scale projects are undertaken, it is very practical to be able to benefit throughout the season from the artistic creativity of a diversified team directed by a project manager.

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Let's keep in touch