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Specialised in digital post-production for cinema, Paul Englebert has, right from the beginning, developed General Score with Michel Duprez and Thierry Plas.

After obtaining his diploma in sound engineering at INSAS in 1984, he pursued a career in images. Paul accompanied the emergence and development of video from the first analogue recorders to the present-day 4K formats. Working alternately as editor, special effects man and timer, as from 1990, he championed high definition and digital cinema at a time when supporters of roll films had the upper hand. He has explored all kinds of audio-visual narrative from documentaries to cinema, including advertising.

As an independent consultant, Paul is currently supervising the digitization of RTBF film archives at Sonuma. Paul has a passion for motorbikes, aviation, travelling, politics and above all music and he is a drummer in the vintage rock group “The Pinxtones”.

The world of Paul Englebert

Paul in General Score

Paul Englebert is not a composer, and yet he can be said to compose with the group. He is the guide and gray eminence of General Score. Drawing on his thirty years of experience in audiovisual production, he enrolled the group in the reality of the film industry while bringing him unquestionable human warmth.

Paul also makes music

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