Les enfants du hasard

Les enfants du hasard


A feature film by Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson
Michel Duprez - Les enfants du hasard - Children of chance - Children of chance

The pitch

In the small communal school of Cheratte, a former mining town, immigrant students complete their primary cycle with Brigitte, a dynamic teacher. The film follows these children in their daily lives, throughout the school year. The pedagogical approach of the teacher, linked to the neighboring coal mining, allows them to build themselves in a world changing in the face of social networks and the questioning of Islam after the terrorist attacks. Narrated by the children’s voices, the links between past, present and future are weaving, allowing a whole community to integrate in a bright and colorful patchwork.

Source :  Les films de la passerelle


In this film directed by Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson, Michel Duprez set out the generics, the themes related to childhood and his freshness, as well as those related to the passage to a nearby adolescence and his doubts. For his part, the composer Liégeois François Petit took charge of the music related to the coal mining.

Technical sheet

Directed by : Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson

Production : Les films de la passerelle

Produced by : Christine Pireaux

Editing : Idriss Gabel

Music composed by : François Petit and Michel Duprez

Year of production : 2016

Duration : 98 minutes

Terra Masonica

Terra Masonica


A collective of seven composers

Meeting Freemasons

Terra Masonica presents a world tour of Freemasonry in 80 lodges. From the USA to Brazil, from Norway to Patagonia, through France, Scotland, Mali, India, etc., the director Tristan Bourlard collects images and rare testimonies. At the end of a titanic work, it brings together a subject of great diversity.

Far from the clichés and preconceived ideas, Tristan Bourlard sets out to meet ordinary Freemasons and exposes with simplicity their present reality, in a world in profound mutation.

Source: terramasonica.com

A musical collective

Under the coordination of Michel Duprez, it is a collective of composers who mobilized within General Score to provide music adapted to this fantastic patchwork borrowing as much lightness as gravity. Seven composers who were able to seize in their own way sequences presenting the different lodges of the planet. A richness and diversity essential to the film, unattainable by a single artist, thereby revealing the relevance of the concept of General Score.

With : Michel Duprez, Yves Gourmeur, Tim Gouverneur, Arnaud Blanpain, Thierry Plas, Simon Fransquet, and Sylvain Goldberg as special guest.

Technical sheet

Directed by : Tristan Bourlard

Production : Nexus Factory

Produced by : Sylvain Goldberg and Serge de Poucques

Music : Yves Gourmeur, Tim Gouverneur, Arnaud Blanpain, Thierry Plas, Simon Fransquet and Sylvain Goldberg, under the coordination of Michel Duprez

Mixing : Stéphane Owen

Year of production : 2016-2017




Documentary series on European cinema

The pitch

Cinekino is a documentary series about the tremendous diversity of European cinema. In 10 episodes of 26 minutes, the authors Jean Ollé-Laprune and Rainer Rother present the richness and celebrate the particularity of a shimmering, bubbling and nuanced cinema.

For the 60 years of the Treaty of Rome, this series by Laurent Heynemann and Matthias Luthard emerges as a necessary reminder that our Europe is not only economic or financial. In the absence of political unity, it can (and must) claim a cultural identity.

This series works wonderfully, unveiling small and big story of a cinema that we finally know quite little.

Four episodes are in production: France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. Six other nations will follow this year.

Technical sheet

Written by : Jean Olé-Laprune and Rainer Rother

Directed by : Laurent Heynemann and Matthias Luthard

Coproduction : Idéale Audience / Zero One Film / ARTE GEI

Produced by : Hélène Le Cœur / Anne-Claire Martin

Music composed by : Michel Duprez

Music produced by : General Score, Paul Englebert

Associate production company : Images Création, Martine Barbé

Genres performed by : Yves Gourmeur (piano), Adrien Tyberghein (double bass), Michel Duprez (keyboards and programming)

Recording : Red Cat Studio

Year of production : 2016-2017

Duration : 10 x 26 minutes

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