Tim Gouverneur

Phobias, the pitch

Nathan suffers from thanatophobia, which handicaps him in his daily life. In the hope of curing it, he consults a doctor-therapist, specializing in the treatment of phobias. Although he is satisfied with the results he gets with his patient, Nathan does not share his opinion about his condition…

Technical sheet

Director and production : Anthony Tueni and Tom Mertens

Editing : Warre Ceulemans

Mixing : Nathan Unterberg

Year of production : 2015/2016

Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton


Season 3 in music

Speaking mouse

Geronimo Stilton is the mouse that inhabits Sourisia, the capital of the island of small rodents. Adapted from books for children, the series of animation (to the planetary success) is in its third season, currently programmed on the RTBF.

With elaborate symphonic orchestrations and cartoon-style music punctuating every comic action, Yves Gourmeur was able to show the full extent of his know-how in this animated series for television.

Technical sheet

Production : Atlantyca / Superprod (Italy, France, Canada)

Music : Yves Gourmeur in a collective

Main composer and supervisor : Valmont

Year of production : 2016

Date Released : 2017

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