Simon signs the soundtrack of François Paquay’s short film, “Le scénariste”. The film is at the final mix.
His work

Attracted to music from an early age, Simon started playing guitar at the age of 12. Passionate about art in general – drawing, painting, comics, photography, cinema – he undertakes artistic humanities at the Saint Luc secondary school of Liège. It is only at the very end of his humanities that he makes a choice between his different passions, and it is music that prevails.

He then spent one year at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Liège in classical guitar and continued his training at the Jazz Studio of Antwerp for two years where he obtained a great distinction in composition / arrangement.

Simon also practices the violin making (construction of instruments based on recovered objects) and teaches musical awakening throughout Belgium. He also attended a training in traditional violin making at Renzo Salvador.

Multi-instrumentalist and multidisciplinary, his influences range from classical music to jazz to electronic music, rock and traditional music from around the world.

Simon is passionate about the close relationship between music and images. This year, he composes the B.O. of five shorts and a long.

In addition to his increasingly dense work in the cinema, he composed for the quintet “Taxidi”, for shows in London, and is also active in the video game and advertising sectors.

His first album is released in 2013: the B.O. of the film “Finir en beauté”. In 2015, he released two albums, the album “Dreamy train” by Taxidi and the album B.O. of the feature film “Nous Quatre” by Stéphane Hénocque, whose film is currently a huge success.

His music


At General Score
Simon Fransquet is the composer-capper of General Score. Combining finesse and delicacy with an unusual guitar touch, it creates amazing emulsions between image and sound flavors. A gifted composer and a sharer, Simon has planted his tent at the crossroads of jazz and worldmusic, looking straight at the horizon.
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