Thierry Plas will compose the music of Unité 42, in co-writing with Michel Duprez. This RTBF series, currently in filming, is produced by Left Field Ventures and realized by Indra Siera.
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Thierry Plas was born in 1959 in Uccle (Brussels). His mother was a draughtswoman and his father a creative director of advertising and an artist. He started playing the guitar at the age of 12. He finished his studies at INRACI and obtained a diploma in photography.

But music had fascinated him for a long time and, at the age of 20, after only one year as a commercial photographer, he joined the Belgian progressive-rock group called Machiavel and encouraged it to become more rock-oriented. This is evident in the European hit “Fly” and the album “New Lines”. There followed numerous concerts and albums recorded in Europe and the United states.

In 1985, Thierry Plas also became a studio guitarist, working with many composers and various artists ranging from Vladimir Cosma to Billy Preston. He also worked as a studio and stage guitarist with Beverly Jo Scott and Pierre Rapsat.

As he has always been very interested in music for images, he started to compose and produce music for advertising commercials, thanks to the trust placed in him by Michel Perin and Patrick Van Hautem (among others) who are directors and producers at Zabriskie Films (Made In Brussels). This was a new and very challenging job that led him to develop many other musical styles and work on harmony.

In 1994, at the same time as creating ZOO Productions and setting up his recording studio, Thierry Plas formed “The Responsibles”, a group that released one album and was chosen by Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to support them during the first part of their European Tour.

While continuing to develop his production company “Son Sur Image”, Thierry Plas became musical director of Vaya Con Dios for the 1997 European Tour and in 2000 he released an album called “Purple Prose” with Dani Klein, Vaya’s singer.

In the 2000s, he started working on documentaries and other corporate films and developed his skills as a “sound designer” which he really enjoyed.

These days, Thierry Plas continues to produce sound identifications for the radio (Classic 21 for example) and film music. He also produces and mixes albums for selected artists. A new recording and theatrical project will be presented at the end of 2016, in collaboration with Patrick Riguelle, a singer and musician who is very popular in the north of the country.

His music
At General Score
Thierry Plas is the fine blade of General Score, a goldsmith of sound matter, whose immense experience brings together all the domains of musical creation: composition, arrangement, orchestration, recording, mixing, mastering, relationship to the image. Loving the finesse and the elegance British, it is in the group as composer as master-producer.
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