Vincent composed the soundtrack of the film Une part d’ombre, the first feature by Samuel Tilman, produced by Eklektik.
His work
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Born in 1975, Vincent Liben has a background in classical guitar and music theory. Recently, he has been learning the piano, harmony and musical composition in order to give structure to his intuition.

In 1998, he founded the group Mudflow which soon became quite successful. Between 2000 and 2007, the group released four albums and put on several concerts in various places. A piece called “The Sense of Me” taken from “A Life On Standby” was used in the trailer of the film “Jeune & Jolie” by François Ozon, in a major Tetra Pak advertising campaign and also in the video game “Life Is Strange”.

Since 2007, Vincent has been pursuing a solo career in French and has received a warm reception. In 2009, he was awarded an “Octave de la Musique” for the album “Tout doit disparaître”. In 2011, “Mademoiselle Liberté”, a duet with Berry, was a commercial success in France. The piece comes from the album “Vincent Liben” for which he was awarded the Charles Cros prize. He worked on Marie Warnant’s first two albums, as musical producer, arranger, songwriter and composer. In 2015, his more ambitious and progressive album “Animalé” marked another milestone in his fine career. He has just been nominated at the DMA and Octaves de la Musique for this last opus.

He is now working on a new project that stems from his meeting with Lisza, for whom Vincent is composing and producing several songs.

Vincent is certainly a very active person and working on music for images at General Score will add another string to his bow.

His music
At General Score
Vincent Liben brings to the group all that makes his artistic person: the ability to create a terribly evocative atmosphere, a deep sense of melody and a primordial taste of narration. He is also an effective executive producer capable of chiselling the essentials.
The world of Vincent Liben
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